April 23, 2024

Planning Commission

The Gregory County Planning Commission shall consist of an odd number of members, including at least one county commissioner.  The term of each of the appointed members of the Planning Commission shall be fore three years and the length of the terms shall be varied so that no more than two of the terms shall expire in the same year.

The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of the month in the County Commissioner Chambers at 1:00pm. The Deadline for the agenda is the Friday before at 2pm

Current Planning Commission Members

Anna Kerner Andersson – Chair       Matt Steffen -Vice     Sonny Plugge           Robert Wirsing     Blane Bartling          Meg Weborg           Jessy Biggins

Planning & Zoning Administrator: Betty Jo M. Hoffman


Gregory County Zoning Ordinances

updated zoning book

Per Section 1411 Building Permits Required: Building without a Permit is a Fine of $250 per day. 

“No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to , or use changed without a permits issued by the Zoning Administrator.”

Exceptions to building permits shall be:

  • Concrete slabs on grade
  • Fences, agricultural
  • Corrals
  • Semi-portable agricultural structures
  • Windbreaks, pursuant to Section 517; and
  • Wildlife Blinds

Further information regarding building permits can be found in Section 1411-1425 of the Gregory County Zoning Ordinance Book.


To apply for a building permit, please fill out the building permit form and site plan and submit to the

Planning and Zoning Administrator

PO Box 437

Burke SD 57523

Phone (605) 775-2673    Email: [email protected]

The Zoning Fees will let you know the cost of your permit.

Building Permit Application –  

Zoning Fees


Variance Application072022

Conditional Use Application072022