October 17, 2019


The equalization office also has a GIS mapping website that can be viewed at:


PO Box 437
Burke SD 57523
Phone: (605)775-2673

Director: Casey Burrus

Staff Appraiser: Nikki Matucha

Email: [email protected]


The county Director of Equalization has the responsibility of ensuring all property in the county is accounted for on the tax list. They are also responsible to ensure these properties are all assessed in an equal and uniform manner. Only when the assessments of the property are fair and equal can the tax burden be distributed fair and equal.

South Dakota’s property tax laws are codified in various chapters of Title 10 of the South Dakota Codified Laws.

To read how agricultural land is valued:



Further  ag land valuation information can be found at:



To view land sales by county or statewide:



Property tax forms can be found at:



Gregory County Ag land value averages by township:

final of 2018 gregory county land avgs


Gregory County Sales that were on the open market for 2017:

2017 ag land with building sales

2017 bare ag land sales

2017 bare lots in towns sales

2017 Bonesteel city sales

2017 commercial sales

2017 Gregory City sales

2017 Herrick town sales

2017 rural acreage sales

2017Burke City sales


Gregory County Sales that were sold on the open market for 2018:

Bare Ag 2018

Ag land with buildings 2018

bare lots 2018

Fairfax 2018

Bonesteel 2018

Burke 2018

Gregory 2018

Commercial 2018

Rural Commercial 2018

Small Acreages 2018